iCT 256 Scanning System

About the iCT 256 Scanning System

Holy Cross was the first hospital in Florida to offer the Philips iCT 256-slice scanner. This cutting-edge technology is so powerful, it can capture an image of the entire heart in just two beats and with up to 90 percent less radiation than other CT scanners and nuclear stress tests.

Compared to the average 64-slice scanner, the Philips 256 has double the coverage and four times the slices for ultrafast acquisition and produces images at sub-millimeter resolution. This technology allows our clinicians to locates clots with unprecedented accuracy and conduct minimally invasive procedures to treat a wide range of clinical problems including stroke (and wake-up stroke), carotid artery disease, brain aneurysms and other vascular disorders. With the help of this newest addition to our Comprehensive Stroke Program, we can now perform Cardiac CT Angiography (CTA) and CT Brain Perfusion during the critical treatment window and intra-arterial intervention, allowing us to deliver more effective care.

The i256 CT Scanner is capable of performing:

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