New EPIQ Ultrasound for exceptional resolution down to the pixel

The advanced capabilities of EPIQ help Holy Cross provide improved clinical information from each scan, fast and consistent exams, and advances such as nSIGHT Imaging. 

Designed to reduce repeat exams and limit the need for other imaging modalities, nSIGHT Imaging is able to operate at high frame rates while maintaining superb resolution and penetration even on technically difficult patients. This allows for a smooth exam the first time, increasing reproducibility and minimizing repeat exams. We aim to reduce patient stress and waiting time with comfortable and fast studies.

The Philips proprietary nSIGHT Imaging architecture introduces a revolutionary approach to forming ultrasound images. Unlike conventional systems that form the image line by line, nSIGHT Imaging creates images with exceptional resolution down to the pixel level to allow us to enhance diagnostic confidence and which may help reduce the need for additional diagnostic imaging studies.

With advanced organ modeling, image slicing, and proven quantification, exams are easy to perform, more reproducible, and deliver new levels of clinical information that may help reduce the need for more invasive procedures or for exams that expose patients to radiation dose.

In addition, EPIQ is almost silent when running, helping to create a more soothing environment for patients. 

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